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Our 4 phases of employment  optimization process

We will connect you with active Hiring managers and Senior executives in US who will guide you in you job search process.



Be prepared with Hiring managers who will guide you on the right path of having an attractive resume and interview performance.


Senior executive professionals on your related field / industry which are part of our community and will assist you on your target position and gaps definition.


Job search strategy using LinkedIn, networking and job posting sites to use on your employment strategy.


Optimize your LinkedIn profile and SSI for top shown on recruiters searches and increase your profile impact for your target position.

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* Conversational english required.

* 1-1 sessions with US recruiters / Hiring managers for resume, interview and LinkedIn modules.
* 1-1 mentoring sessions with US senior executives

employment COACHING

one payment

  • Resume build
  • Interview training
  • LinkedIn optimization
3 sessions

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I requested the services of “Potencia Laboral Partners” because I was faced with a dilemma in my professional career: I did not have a common thread that would allow me to present myself as a strong candidate in the final interviews. Normally I stayed on the list or they just didn’t call me. At the end of the program I managed to realize my mistakes made in the interviews, the strengths that I have but that I was unaware of, the alternatives that exist in the market according to my profile and the development to follow. Finally, with all the work done and the support of the different professionals, I was able to present myself as a solid candidate in the interviews and get the desired job. It was a completely enriching experience, which I fully recommend!

Milca Morales

Sales Manager

My experience in terms of learning acquired is understanding the recruitment process from the recruiter’s perspective of being empathic in that a decision must be made in a short time and look for key concepts that allow him to decide between my CV and that of another professional, on the other On the other hand, applying for the objective position that is most related to my experience and knowledge, also updating the CV as a cover letter to a quick reading and understanding format proposed by labor power and then improved in conjunction with the different mentors, this strengthened both my cover letter as the correct and integral transmission of the professional that I am, knowing how to respond, taking the necessary time and having the best positive attitude for selling oneself.

Patricio Carrasco

Operations Manager

It has been a great learning process, led by very professional people and that undoubtedly enhances our employability.
It contemplates several dimensions, from the structuring and content of the message, going through the preparation of interviews, CV and LinkedIn profile, to the identification of opportunities that could well be explored and broaden the spectrum of searches.
Of course, the commitment, seriousness and work of the candidate is essential.
I definitely recommend it!!!!

Eduardo Varetto

Procurement Manager

Job Hunting

Boost your job search with additional support
Plan works as a complement to coaching plan
  • Resume exposition to Headhunter network.
  • Coordination and management of generated interviews on our Headhunter network.
  • Network detected job offers resume presentation.
  • Managed job offers follow up and feedback.
  • 1 monthly job interviews through the program. $99 per each additional interview during the month.
  • 8% of gross anual salary on successful positioning through program
  • Subscription pause and reactivation at any time with 1 monthly cost during 18 months since coaching program started.

Job Hunting Plus

Boost your job search with additional support
Plan works as a complement to coaching plan
  • All Job Hunting features plus...
  • Managed offers report.
  • 100% dedicated Job Hunter to work on Job Hunting process.
  • Follow up meeting and interview support if neeeded.
  • Focused job offer and target company opportunity management.
  • Unlimited monthly job interviews through the program.
  • 6% of gross anual salary on successful positioning through the program
  • No cost on program cancelling and reactivation subscription at any time during 18 months since coaching program inscription.


High evaluated professionals for your company

Internal database with professionals by industry and positions

Optimized search & interview process

Profile definition support for new positions when needed