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US Employment Coaching & Job Hunting for Chilean professionals
(Advanced english required for our process)

How it works?

Our 4 phases coaching process

Defining your target position

Hiring managers and Senior executives mentors will work with you identifying your best target position in US which should considerer your experience, academic background and current us company situation.

Employment process optimization

Once you get into an interview, you should really maximize this opportunity!
Having a resume in the proper US format is one of the key factors, a LinkedIn profile and an interview performance according to what US Hiring manager are expecting from you.

Job search strategy

Where to search for a Job?, how to apply? which portals should be used? is there a cover letter to use and how should it be?
All this should be fully aligned in your job search process and experienced US Hiring managers will teach you how!

Networking & Job Hunting

Networking is an important tool for finding a job in US.
How can you do some Networking to increase your job search opportunities?
Networking specialized executives will teach you how set up a successful Networking process and one of our Job Hunters will be with you in your job search process.

Fees & terms

Inicial coaching process is required for Chilean professionals

You must be defined on your US target position and with a resume, interview and job search strategy ready to have the best interview performance.
Advanced English is mandatory for this plan.

Job Hunting Monthly subscription

if you want the support of our US Job Hunting team and have one dedicated Job Hunter to be working with you, you should subscribe to one of our Job Hunting plans.

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